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Would you like to advance your knowledge in women’s economic life course so you could better serve your female customers?

The major objective of this unique workshop is to educate financial advisors as to the economic challenges and opportunities of women in navigating their longevity. Driven by the importance to understand women’s unique life course transitions and social roles and their consequential effect on their accumulation of wealth, we will focus on the ways financial advisors can encourage women to save, plan and prepare for their longevity. Based on the methodology we developed specifically for this workshop, financial advisors can leverage this workshop to become agents of change not only to help balance the gender inequality in pension but also to help women navigate their longevity by utilizing their skills, improving their digital literacy and leverage their personal attributes for their future transitions in the employment, health and marital domains. At the same time, this workshop will equip the financial advisors with basic coaching tools so that they will be able more easily to help women set their goals based on their needs, wants and motivation.

The methodology of the workshop will be based on three layers:

Womenomics –  The uniqueness of the economic life course of women; women’s economic identities, the motherhood penalty, the effect of changing health on wealth and the effect of the transition to retirement on women de-accumulation of wealth.

Transitions – Navigating life course transitions in the labour market in mid-life; The importance of digital literacy, skills, housing ownership and community in the preparation for longevity.

Motivation – Providing financial advisors with the basic coaching tools to help women set their goals for longevity.

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About the instructor

Dr Ira Sobel

Founder and CEO

Dr Ira Sobel is the founder and CEO of Fintech For Longevity and an expert in the economics of aging and with a particular focus on the role of fintech to improve the financial well-being of mid-life and older adults. In 2020, Dr Sobel joined a working group at the World Economic Forum on “Redefining Retirement” and she is the head of the financial inclusion committee in the Fintech Community of Israel. Her PhD from Tel-Aviv University investigated the effect of retirement and changing health on the economic outcomes of households within different pension and healthcare systems. From 2008 to 2019, she served as a non-executive director to numerous public companies including the Bank of Jerusalem and worked previously as an accountant at KPMG.



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