Based on our knowledge and expertise in financial technology and our understanding of the economic challenges of aging and the opportunities associated with longevity, we help organizations develop and curate fintech-for-aging solutions, which adhere to the overall strategy of the organization.

Smart-segmentation services

We offer data science services to unlock the unique variation among the aging population. By considering specific pension and healthcare settings within the relevant jurisdiction, we offer smart-segmentation services for the aging population, and build specific financial solutions for each sub-segment of the aging population.

Digital accessibility strategies

We offer adjustment services to increase the usage of digital products amongst older adults. Based on our deep understanding of the barriers affecting older adults in using technology, we help the R&D, UX, UI, product and marketing teams build more inclusive value proposition for their aging customers.

The Digital Campus

We offer live courses on the global trends in aging, recent developments in financial innovation for aging and longevity, the gender aspects of aging and caregiving, and how to build and design more inclusive financial products for older adults and their family caregivers.

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