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795 $


Prepare yourself for the demographic trend of aging and understand how the future of longevity affects today’s financial sector.  Acquire the tools you need for better decision making on behalf of your organization and your clients.

Our Financial Longevity Leadership course combines insights from the-state-of–the-art academic research, our experience from observing best practices as they are deployed in the field, and the innovation of entrepreneurs who are active in finding novel solutions to the challenges of an aging world.

Our live 7.5-hours course (+1 hour bonus) will help you become a financial longevity leader!

The increase in life expectancy in the Western World changes the way people live, save, spend, retire, and pass their wealth to the next generations. This phenomenon requires us in the financial sector to change our approach to aging and longevity across multiple dimensions, so that we can solve the economic challenges of our longer life expectancy.

On the one hand, longevity creates opportunities for “healthy aging” long after leaving the labor market. On the other hand, longevity is also accompanied by many new risks, including longer periods of dependence and de-accumulation of wealth. In this course we will focus on two major themes: risk and technology, as they are related to longevity, portfolio management, the evolving FinTech for aging and longevity market and serving the economic needs of aging and older adults.

The Course is intended for…

Investment professionals, FinTech Entrepreneurs, Financial Advisors, innovation professionals at Insurance Companies and Banks, and financial regulators around the world. 

What will you learn?

In this 7.5-hours course, you will:

  • Understand recent trends in aging and longevity around the world 
  • Learn about asset management and the meaning of risk in the era of longevity
  • Be aware of the ways in which the financial industry can better serve older adults in the FinTech age 
  • Understand the untapped opportunities that FinTech provides for aging adults and their family caregivers and advisors
  • Learn about the convergence of health and wealth in the future of financial services
  • Meet and network like-minded people who understand the role of technology in serving older adults. 

More details:

Method: 100% live online

 Duration: five weekly modules of 90 minutes each, including 15 minutes Q&A at the end of each module. 

Bonus session: 60 minutes of networking, two weeks after the end of the course with a fireside chat with an entrepreneur active in the Fintech for Aging space.

Cost: 795 USD per person; for corporate training please contact [email protected] 

Next course starts on January 27th, 2022, 10 am ET.

Co-instructors : Dr Ira Sobel and Prof. Yigal Newman.

Certification of Completion by FinTech for Longevity will be provided to the participants upon the completion of the five modules and successfully passing a short online quiz following the last module. For a sample of the certification, please press here.





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